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Madness Collection
This is a series I started back in 2013. All the drawings in this Collection show some kind of 'madness'. Whether it's 'insane' or just 'silly and loopy'. The person you see in these drawings is always the same person. That person is actually some kind of 'myself'. Most of the drawings are based on my own experience with 'madness' (psychotic disorder), since it's also my main source for inspiration (sadly), even when it's a struggle. Though the drawings are sometimes dark, bloody and unpleasant (I call it 'Colorful Dark Art'), they are, somehow,  never depression related.


As a kid, I was extremely interested in animals and their beauty. So I’ve been drawing them since. The first animals that I loved to draw were birds, horses and cats. Cats and birds (especially crows and roosters) are still some of my favorite animals to draw. Another animal you can see in my work quite often is the axolotl. A Mexican salamander I used to breed for years.

Miscellaneous art
This is just everything else, a totally different animal. I don’t always draw animals, cats and madness as you can see in this gallery section. I even do sculpting, painting and taxidermy and hopefully some of those works will be shown in the gallery soon. But only if you want it, hmm?

Taking Things Literally
This started as a joke between me and some friends from a band I was in where they picked a random saying and asking me to draw what just came to mind. I thought it was a neat idea to start another kind of series. Who doesn’t love puns and funny sayings?



Most works are also available as prints. Feel free to ask me. I won't bite you!


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